Monday, October 11, 2010

It's been a while...

Life happens and updating all your million and one social networks becomes difficult.

I did a new video for you guys and hope you dig it:

InshAllah, everyone in your world, including yourself, are keeping well :)



Anonymous said...

i have been struggling with depression for the past year.

a huge reason that i am still here today is because i want to live to see you perform live.

thank you.

Jules said...

Love this, and all of your music!

Anonymous said...

stumbled across a video of yours, fucking amazing man. Earlham College would pay you bank to come out and do a show. :) peace

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, I listen to you since the planet France and I like the sound and the vibration which you create. That your inspiration carries you on the top! InshAllah!

Anonymous said...

cool as fok....keep doing what you doing.....big ups!!!

Anonymous said...

My friend Misha introduced me into one of your songs, and i fell in love instantly!
You have a great mind and mad skills to make these songs!!
and did i mention you have an AMAZING VOICE!!
keep on making music :) you make a lot of people happy