Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Live Sessions Volume 2!

BPD (By Popular Demand - cool acronym huh?)

To anyone who still reads this blog, this one's for you. My Live Sessions Volume II Mixtape:

Ebrahim - Live Sessions Volume II by eebsofresh

In addition to the Live Sessions, I also threw in 2 exclusive tracks that won't be available on my new album.

Much love!


lisaliberty said...

I found the work you did on Open Your Eyes on youtube today. Phenom. Then I did minor stalking work to here and I see you've posted some live sessions, just for me. ;-) Thanks.

theodore said...

thanks mate!
any chance you can make that downloadable?

take good care


Mike Fay said...

nice nice, good stuff

Michael said...

nastiness. you got some new fans in Portland OR.

rsantos said...

My friend showed me that Dilla/Bobby Caldwell video and I was just blown away bruh and I been hooked ever since. Real talent cuz, ready for that album!!!

Stacy said...

Most are at their download limit. =( Where could I get these tracks?

| Ram-E | said...

rembumping this classic shhh....where can I download the whole tape?

Anonymous said...

How do I download - says it's maxed