Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Our villains are our best teachers"

Sitting out on the back porch, catching up with some good friends on a cool crisp night. Discussing and politican about what's next on the horizon, but maintaining contentment with the current plane. My beautiful friend introduced me to this fantastic metaphor to life. "You know how you sometimes see a lone eagle, carefree and majestic in the sky?," she asked. "Occasionally you might witness a couple disgruntled crows who come and try to interrupt the eagle's flow." Who knows why the crows do this, but maybe they're just bitter, jealous or maybe they're just a couple of fools who grew up with a nasty upbringing. Whatever their intentions are, were and always will be, the eagle will always remain unphased and hip to the fact that he (or she) is the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter. Without bragging or boasting eagles have this way about them that almost seems effortless, humble and even God-like. They are, after all, God's creation so I guess it's an innate quality. We all have these qualities within us, so next time ask yourself: Are you an eagle or are you a crow?

Thanks Xochitl xoxo