Monday, February 16, 2009

No video?! No problem!

First off, I'd like to apologize for the lack of frequency with the updates! If you've visited my site lately and scrolled down the NEWS section you probably read that there were to be two music videos coming to you last fall. So where are they?! Haha Well, just like anything else, life has its unexpected moments, so there has been a little delay. I promise you, however, what we are about to deliver is truly special! For the time being you can visit and watch me act a fool...haha

Oh and I have a new one for ya...



Anonymous said...

OK thats whats up!

suzy QT said...


softjunebreeze said...


I REALLY dug that mash-up! It blew my mind, so I shared the link on facebook & posted a short blog about it:

Looking forward to hearing more goodness come from you - stay strong, stay vigilant!

- Stephanie V.

Rik Mistry said...

just stumbled across you via the LUPEND blog and gots to say that your a talented individual - keep it up bud - look forward to hearing more of your work!

be cool, peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally feelin this mix!

Hope to hear more music from you ;]

Suni said...

Very talented indeed! I came across ur music on the BBC asian network website-thru Friction introducing artists. Havnt stopped listening 2 ur music since!!!x

Khadija Dawn Carryl said...

Assalaamu Alaikum

Just wondering, have you ever considered doing an album to the beats you do in your videos, or is that already in the works?

Especially for those who don't really listen to music due to the instruments.

I am new to the Toronto area scene, so have you ever come here to perform?

Thanks, and May Allah grant you success in your path ameen!


Jaded Butterfly said...

Ok I just became a your sound.

jeffrey said...

yo, just wanted to drop you a line. I have seen a couple of your vids circulatin'and just wanted to say that you got serious talent.
Keep it up, and now that I have found your blog I will be keepin my eyes peeled...BTW my four year old son LOVES your beats.

keep it up bro!

Qasim Arif said...

Luv it.. keep it up.

Qasim Arif

Anonymous said...

loved it.

sbt said...

ummmm...yer DOPE!!!!

when's your toronto show happening?

peace, love & butterflies,

Anonymous said...

yo man i speak french because i don't speak english very well!!!
tu as un pur fealing et et talent certain pour la musique!
tu m'as redonné gout a la music avec ton adaptation bob marley et lauren hill!! bravo(X 100000) et je te souhaite une bonne ascension!!!
car tu ira loin!!!
sing: Thony_mtn

Anonymous said...

very strong ! i like your style ! good luck !

sign : maxwel the frenchy

Anonymous said...

Just one word: WONDERFUL
Sign : NatyfromParis