Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Almost forgot...

...that I had a blog! hahaha Twitter, Myspace, Facebook annnnnnnnd a Blog?! Please computer tech N.E.R.D.S. of the world, do not create another online networking platform. I'm running out of a headspace!

Needed to take a breather while working on my new album so I pieced together this little funbag for you:

Oh ya...so where's my "VIDEO" at?! Well, it's been pushed back a little. I promise we're going to come correct with it though ;)

Thanks for watching and listening!



Anonymous said...

You are something else E! Don't stop with the vidoes

sherry p said...

this is a momentous occasion you blogged! lol

Anonymous said...

How the hell did you get so dope! Keep blogging keep tubing

I need it! LOL

Anonymous said...

You cut your hair?! lol guy our hair is prettier than mine..and I'm a girl!! hhaha keep blogging..i read a few of ur last ones..keep the positivty coming! And know its appreciated =)

Alice/Slamoureuse said...

Yeeesss Man ! I want you to teach me that ! I want to learn !!! (...But i am french, so so far away :-( )

... If you come in Paris, i make music,and i love your vibe and rythm. Come on !

I hope you'll be famous in THE WORLD ! :-)


Raphaële said...

I just ... Love what U do' =)

Just ... Continue !! I want to listen again & again & again ... !

Thank You for all this rythmes ... This is really something I enjoy !


Cocci said...

Hi ebrahim !

I don't "love" what you do !

I looooooooooooove it !!!!!!! :)

I've just discovered you tonight and i've got one thing to say :

"You Rule the World mate !" :)

It's so cool that i've just ask to ship to France your album !

Best regards !

Peace !


pic said...

trop la classe mec il faut mètre ses petit morceau sur cd tu va faire un carton bonne chance pour la suite

Mida said...

for real it's that easy for you lol
That's what we need..Keep it up!!