Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's been a while.

So looking at the date of my last "blog", it's been some months now. It's a new year ( 3 months in as a matter of fact), a lot of changes. Some setbacks, some miletones, a little bit of everything, but in the end I'm still the same ol'Eeb.

Rather than delve into the happenings of the past several months, I just wanted to touch on a little something as a reminder to myself if nothing else. Like I said things have been "busy". But what do I seriously mean by that? Was I so wrapped up and consumed with myself, trying to get my hustle on that I forgot about everything else around me?

My uncle passed away just yesterday ( God rest his soul ). He was a beautiful man, loved by every soul he ever touched. His passing served me as a reminder to never lose sight of family and loved ones no matter how consumed you may get with your own pursuits. We all get selfish sometimes, but there's a difference between selfish and forgetful. I think I've been a little of both lately. Not a good combo, Eeb, not a good combo.

To those of you who know me, whether we're blood, good friends, distant acquaintances or if you're just a random blog reader. I appreciate you. I'm not reborn or a new man or anything like that. I'm just in state of realizing all the things and people that are important to me.

Thanks for your time.


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everyday people said...

amen brother .. peace to you and your family