Monday, October 8, 2007

Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics!

So, I've been getting tons of messages and emails about putting up lyrics for the songs that aren't in the booklet. I figured I'd do you all a service and provide a new song lyric each day.

Let me start from the top and begin with "E to the..."

Boys Choir
E to the…the B to the…H – I – M
E to the…the B to the…H – I – M

What you are about experience
Has not been influenced by corporations or suits.
This music is pure, unfiltered musical goodness
Inevitably reaching you at a pleasurable state
If you prepared to take a such a journey
Just sit back…

They call me E to the B – R – A – H – I – M
Hopefully you will know who I am
By the end of this song if you got any questions
Don’t be afraid to ask them
See I’m the nice guy with the nice smile
Most of the time I try to not lie
I’d like to think that my mama raised me right

They call me E to the B – R – A – H – I – M
Tip my hat to all my fam and friends
You’ve been saying it right from the very beginning
And for that my love I’m sending
Cuz that’s the name that my folks gave me
Growing up people called me Eeb
Now you know that my name is Ebrahim

Boys Choir
They call me E to the…the B to the…H – I – M
(R – A, R – A, R – A)
They call me E to the…the B to the…H – I – M
(R – A, R – A, R – A)

(and for those of you who think I don't know how to spell my own name...ya ya ya. Lets just call it "artistic freedom" ok? hahaha)


To all my Canadians, I hope you all had a pleasant long weekend! To everyone else, hope you all are taking the very best of care.


P.S. To Mr. Ryan Barbaza...miss you, bro! Bring me back a chocolate jock strap!


sliv said...

Ebhim...hope your spelling gets better with age! Your music may take you places you may not want to go, but do us listeners a favour...and just go with it! seriously!

Neal Westneck said...

I was going to say isn't he missing a few letters from his name lol

Good looking out brah. Send me "Tapping Fingers"!!

ode said...

lol lol eeb can't spell! j/k i don't know about everyone but the "e to the..." was my favorite track on the album. i wish it was longer tho

Anonymous said...

thanks man, i've been wanting these lyrics...dope sound!

Anonymous said...

i thought ebrahim was supposed to be updating his blog everyday??? :P

mona said...

wicked lyrics,wicked album. just wicked..can't wait to see you on tour.


ara said...

where's the day to day lyric update??? lol i'm waiting for "got to move" lyrics! lolol hurry!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your music and words with the world Ebrahim!! Your 'water' song is playing here in Denmark! Fantastic!

V said...

Great site Eb. Who did it.

Jenn said...

Omgosh, I absolutely love your music! I'm actually Francis' cousin and he gave me your cd for my bday and I haven't stopped listening to it since! I love ALL the songs, theyre just simply amazing! Takecare!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome! Another one of my favourite songs by you! Love it! =D

-Paige =] byrons daughter....