Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i am happy.

even if it is just a facebook status update or a simple tweet. how you feel can all begin with words. words are thoughts and thoughts are merely ideas. who's to say that the way you feel can't stem from a written idea?

recently i've been tweeting the way i've been feeling, not to gain sympathy or comfort from folks i don't know, but simply to journalize my feelings. i realize that twitter is public forum, but sometimes opening up and showing your vulnerability and relatedness, whether it be to 1 person or a 1 million people, helps with the growth.

i guess what i've learned, is that instead of journalizing my current mental state, why not suggest to myself how i want to feel in the not so distant future? we make 5 year plans, that involve our careers, family and overall quality of life, so why not make a short term goal of how we want our mind to feel?

saying or writing down goals or ideas of any kind is one thing, practicing what you document is another. but everything begins with an idea. if you didn't become a rock star by the age you aspired to be one at, do you give up? i would hope not, but many do. that in mind, if one choses to persevere past their expiration date the possibilities can be endless and could result in either success or failure. who knows.

who's to say that things will happen by a certain date? can anyone accurately predict, through complex mathematical equation, when the world will end? obviously not.


turn your thoughts into words and your words into action. go.

if this entry reaches you, i hope it helps. and if it doesn't help, that's ok because i'll just read it over again and hone in on the words "i am happy." :)


stick and stones *pause*, my words will always heal me.